“deux élans” is a brand for luxury handbags officially launched on the 26th of April 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon with the introduction of the first collection “élan” which was unveiled during a special ceremony for the purpose.

Aesthetic philosophy of “deux élans”

The brand “deux élans” is inspired by many artistic movements of the Twentieth Century, such as art deco, suprematism movement, minimalism and abstract art. This influence is translated, shown in bags, into geometric forms, refined lines and bright colors.

“deux élans” offers luxury aesthetic objects, distinctive and functional, ideal for modern and elegant women who have the sense of noble and high style.

Our Logo

Aesthetic aspects

The logo represents two deer (deux élans) with artistic and exaggerated antlers inspired by the first paintings of historical man which were figured on the walls of the caves from where the art was born.

The two deer (les deux élans) symbolize the alliance of two sisters O’la and Donia ElHajj, founders of the brand “deux élans”

Description of "élan"

élan is a big Cervidae, lives in cold countries, a synonym of deer,  its scientific noun is Alces.

It is known for its huge antlers. These antlers shed once every year then grow rapidly for two to four months. This is called the eternal renewal.

élan is a majestic animal, a symbol of gentleness, grace, longevity, strength, mysterious and royalty.

élan, as woman, is a peaceful animal but can become aggressive when it is threatened. Women in “Deux élans” share many characters of “élan”: the royal, the mysterious and the renewable women.


O’la and Donia ElHajj come from a family interested in the world of arts, such as paintings, architecture, sculpture, carpentry, acting and fashion design.

O’la, translation graduate, working in the educational field, is taken into art and fashion.

Donia, as an interior designer, is interested in abstract art through her paintings, sculpture, and ceramic oeuvres. Note that the idea of the bags was inspired by her paintings.

Therefore, the compatibility of fashion and design has led to the creation of “deux élans” brand.

Our Bags

“deux élans” started its first collection "élan" with four bags.

1. Supremus: inspired from the paintings of suprematism movement.

2. Alces: the scientific noun of the animal “élan”, with gold or silver plated logo.

3. Allegoria: holding gold plated accessory inspired from art deco lines. Satine leather + water snake under accessory.

4. Versus: architectural form, represents the balance between the full and the empty. Gold or silver plated brass holder.

Care Instructions

deux élans is a brand for luxury bags that are made from high quality natural leather and manufactured by experienced and skilled Lebanese craftsmen. These materials are naturally prone to irregularities in color and texture. They should not be considered perfections, but rather unique characteristics that add value to an exception product. Good quality leather bands keep its shape for years if you properly care for it, so we offer you the following suggestions:

  1. Do not expose the product to rain and humidity and avoid using it in the sun for a long time.
  2. Avoid placing the product in contact with other kinds of leather.
  3. The hardware materials are made from gold and silver plated brass. Therefore, humidity, pollution, creams, care products and perfume could affect its quality.
  4. It’s recommended to store the product, suitably filled with tissue paper, in its special cotton dust bag.

Thank you for choosing deux élans.